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16th Jun 2021 - By Anna Marie de la Fuente (Variety)

Filmax Snags Sales Rights to Pre-Cannes Screenings Title ‘Guilt,’ by Ibon Cormenzana (Exclusive)

Barcelona production-distribution outfit Filmax has picked up international rights to director-producer Ibon Cormenzana’s “Guilt” ahead of its presentation at the Pre-Cannes Screenings, which run June 21-25.

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15th Jun 2021 - By Filmax

'The House of Snails' is the best premiere of the week at the Spanish Box Office!

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10th Jun 2021 - By Anna Marie de la Fuente (Variety)

Filmax Snags Sales Rights to Malaga Player ‘Ama’ by Julia de Paz Solvas (Exclusive)

Leading Barcelona production-distribution company Filmax has picked up the international rights to “Ama,” the directorial debut of Spain’s Julia de Paz Solvas.

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4th Jun 2021 - By Filmax

'The People Upstairs' wins Best Feature Film at Montecarlo Comedy Film Festival!

Griselda Siciliani also gets the Best Actress award

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21st May 2021 - By Jeff Ewing (Forbes)

Forbes' Six Can’t Miss Titles From Fantasia Fest’s First Wave

Including 'All the Moons', from director Igor Legarreta (International Premiere)

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18th May 2021 - By Jamie Lang (Variety)

Filmax Brings Breakout Basque Noir Thriller Series ‘Mouths of Sand’ to L.A. Virtual Screenings (Exclusive)

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14th May 2021 - By Jamie Lang, Pablo Sandoval (Variety)

Disney’s Star Plus Teams with Filmax, Gloriamundi on ‘The Roar of the Butterflies’

Barcelona-based mini-studio Filmax is bringing onto the market “The Roar of the Butterflies,” an ambitious period drama made with Pablo Bossi’s Gloriamundi and Disney Plus in Latin America.

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3rd May 2021 - By Filmax

'Bikes' is having its theatrical release in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this Thursday, May 6, 2021

The film is distributed by Selim Ramia

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