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31st Oct 2023 - By John Hopewell (Variety)

‘Elite’ Producer Zeta’s ‘Favor’ to Filmax (EXCLUSIVE)

Barcelona-based studio Filmax has scooped international rights to “Just One Small Favor,” the new film from Zeta Studios, which is behind Netflix smash hit “Elite” and HBO Max Spanish banner title “García!”

Released in Spain by Universal on Nov. 10, “Favor” will receive its market premiere at this week’s American Film Market

Directed by Juana Macías (“We Are Pregnant”), the acerbic screwball family comedy is set at the swanky summer home of the well-off Gallardos, cared for meticulously by Amparito, a second mother to the three children. 

In her dying wish, she asked to be buried in the family vault. When the Gallardos refuse, they receive letters from Amparito, revealing skeletons in the closet and damaging home truths, turning their lives upside down.

“‘Just One Small Favor,’ is a screwball, situation comedy, with acerbic wit and a good dose of bad blood,” said Macías.

“The whole story plays out over one, cathartic weekend and what starts out as revenge, but ends up becoming a favor and an important life lesson for the Gallardo family,” added Zeta Studios’ producers Paloma Molina and Miriam Rodríguez.

Starring Inma Cuesta (“The Bride”), Diego Martín (“REC 3”), Sara Sálamo (“Strange Way of Life”) and Alfonso Bassave (“Can’t Live Without You”), the acerbic screwball comedy is produced by Zeta Cinema, Atresmedia Cine and Pumuky Films AIE.

Written by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor (“Cocaine Coast,” “Velvet”), “Just One Small Favour” is produced by Antonio Asensio (“Elite”), Paloma Molina (“Undercover Wedding Crashers”), and Mercedes Gamero (“Klaus”), with Rodríguez and Andrea Barrionuevo heading up executive production. 

It is backed by broadcast network Atresmedia, pay TV operator Movistar+ and TVC, which guarantees a substantial marketing push from TV operators in Spain.

“At Zeta Studios, we are interested in all genres when it comes to the production of formats, but we do place a lot of value on comedies and we believe that they should serve to make us laugh at the problems we have to deal with as a society,” said Molina and Rodríguez.

“‘Just One Small Favor’ is a comedy that we’re sure will be well-received by the Spanish public and has the potential to travel well and be adapted for international markets through remakes,” said Ivan Díaz, Filmax head of international.

Zeta Studios also produced the well-received “Días Mejores,” co-produced with Viacom International Studios (VIS) for Prime Video and Mediaset España, and having ru to date to two seasons, and is on board for some of the most anticipated and edgier new series such as “The Chauffeur’s Son,“ from Isaki Lacuesta, a 2023 Berlin CoPro Series entry.

Macías won a Spanish Academy Goya in 2000 for her short “Siete cafés por semana,” before scoring a new director and new actress (Aura Garrido) nomination in 2011 for “Plans for Tomorrow.”

With a top-notch cast of Paco León (“House of Flowers”) and Alexandra Jiménez (“The Distances”), “We Are Pregnant” scored €1.2 million ($1.3 million) for Disney in Spain. Macías also directed a second romcom “Sounds Like Love,” (“Fuimos Canciones”), a Netflix Original released in 2021.

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‘Elite’ Producer Zeta’s ‘Favor’ to Filmax (EXCLUSIVE)

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